Well, title is pretty clear. In mid November, I decided on what school to attend. At the time of my last post, I hadn’t quite figured out what I wanted to do with schools and I can’t remember if I had all my interviews yet. Well, I know I got an early offer on my […]

My cat is gone today

I don’t know what to say. Last night I stayed over at J’s house and today, when I got back at 8 am, my mom was in a tizzy because the cat had thrown up, pooped, and was not able to walk. He seemed lethargic and like he was in pain. We ended up taking […]

It’s been a week.

Today is Monday. It’s been a full week of staying home and being unemployed. What does that consist of, exactly? A lot of sleeping in and watching “Friends” on Netflix, apparently. There were lists made and plans too… Things like cleaning my car, organizing my room, organizing my crafting stuff, starting up an Etsy business, […]

Tomorrow is Monday.

And today is Sunday. I spent the full weekend with J. and my friends. The topic of me being unemployed came up maybe just one time and it was quick. But I thought about it a lot. And it made me really sad for a while… The best way I could come up with to […]

So, I left.

Eh…. I feel kinda badly for not updating this too much, but I’ve been writing in my physical journal a lot more, so I don’t feel┬áthat badly. I’m not exactly sure why I need two journals going simultaneously. I mean if I ever want to look back, it would be hard to really figure out […]


I have many doubts. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how I feel about J. I like spending time with him and he makes me laugh, but in a pinch… I’m not sure if I can tell him everything. For example, I’m struggling a lot with my parents lately. Living with them continuously for […]