OnePlus One: Always Settle.

If you can’t tell from the title of the post what this is going to be about, then I feel sorry for you bro.

This is going to be a very unhappy, complaint filled post about my smartphone. Last year in April, I purchased a OnePlus One. The first red flag I should have acknowledged was that they didn’t ship to Canada. They also required a stupid invitation, which I was lucky enough to snag from a friend of a friend.

When I finally (after a number of mishaps) got the phone in my hands, I have to admit… it was a beauty to look at. It didn’t feel cheaply made. It had a good heft in my hand and the screen was nice and big (bigger than the actual entirety of my dad’s iPhone 5s).

Trouble started shortly after though. In the first week, I noticed that images would often burn into the screen. For example, if I was using a particular website for more than 10 minutes, there would be a ghost of the page left on my screen after I’d return to the home screen. It was annoying, but I just accepted it as fact when I couldn’t find anything online about it.

Then I started having issues with the camera. Essentially, the damn thing only works when it feels like it. I’ve honestly missed so many chances to capture memories because of my phone’s finicky camera. Sometimes I’ll open it up and I get a warning saying that the phone can’t detect the camera. Well, thanks. I missed the opportunity to take pictures of my cousin walking down the aisle. Yep. Never settle, eh?

Then, my phone suddenly bricked sometime in August/September last year. For no damn reason. Just up and bricked itself. One day it was working and literally in the evening, it just stopped. Turned off and I couldn’t turn the damned thing back on again. I plugged it in overnight, tried again in the morning… Nada. I opened a ticket and they kept telling me to do things that weren’t even feasible (“can you open up the boot menu?”… “No, because the whole thing will not turn on!” … “Can you try hard resetting it?” … “No, because I can’t turn it on, period.”). Super unhelpful support team at OnePlus.

In the end, I found the forum to be a lot more helpful. Thankfully people in the community were also having the same problem. I tried their little tactic of draining it for 3 days and then charging it for 3 days straight. It worked! Thank god. Honestly though, that entire week without a phone was like death though. I need my phone for work, so I had to put my sim card into a borrowed phone and then my crappy Samsung Galaxy 3 (which, I’ll point out, lasted 3 years before slowly becoming senile).

For the last few months, I’ve had a few more nice little bugs pop up. The biggest problem is that my call quality is next to nothing. It’s not an issue with the calls I’m receiving – it’s how I sound on the other end. Apparently no one can hear me. There’s always an echo or it sounds robotic. I’ve moved my sim card around to different phones and it’s not the service provider or my reception. It’s the effing phone. The thing that bothers me most about this, is the fact that I need my phone for work. I use it daily. I make work related phone calls from it constantly. The one function it’s supposed to have (namely, making phone calls), it can’t do. What’s the point of having a smartphone then?

The other fun problem that’s reared it’s head this past week and half is that my home and menu buttons stop working after opening up Whatsapp. I’ve had to restart my phone a total of 3x a day. It’s frustrating. It’s also starting to ‘freeze’ or lag. I’ll open an app and it will take a good minute to actually open it. If I get anxious and start tapping away on the screen, the whole thing just freeze and I have to restart the damned phone. Can I point out that I’ve had this phone for less than a year???

So, what am I going to do? Well, what I’m good at. I’m going to bitch and moan, because that’s what I do. Then I’m going to tell OnePlus this one important thing:

I’m never going to purchase a phone from you again and I’ll make sure everyone else I know also doesn’t.

See, the one thing that really bothers me about OnePlus isn’t the fact that their phone is crap. It’s the fact that they touted this thing as a “flagship killer” and they run with the motto “never settle”. I feel like the only thing I’ve been doing with this phone since I’ve gotten it is constantly settling. I settle with the fact that images burn into my screen. I settle with the fact that I can’t make phone calls through it. I settle with the fact that it may suddenly decide to brick on me. I settle with the fact that I have to restart it 3x a day. Finally, I settle with the fact that they’ve left without any help or guidance to solve any of these problems.

I think the thing that OnePlus doesn’t realize is the importance of establishing a good customer base. Sure, you can hype a product and sell a massive amount of crap goods and you’ll probably make a good profit from that. The problem though, is that you want repeat customers, especially in this digital age. Phones do not last long, sometimes because they become outdated, but often times because something newer and shinier comes out. You need to first of all, offer a good product. Then you need to offer good customer support to catch those people that will inevitably experience some problems. I honestly feel like you’ve dropped the ball on both fronts. You caught my eye with the promises to deliver a great phone at an affordable price and to “never settle for less,” but honestly, this is just shameful. You’ve dropped the ball. Miserably.

OnePlus, you have a lot to learn as a newcomer to the smartphone business… But I’m not sticking around with you guys as you learn.

– A very annoyed L.


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