Do you know?

I think you may. I fiddled around with my settings over the weekend and I think you took notice. You promptly cut me off again. I’d like to think it’s because you want to protect me; want to help me get over you. Or, it could be coming from a place of anger. I can’t tell with you anymore. I thought I knew you well. Thought you were selfless; that you had this negative image of yourself that I needed to ‘fix’. As if I can fix you. As if anyone can fix someone. 


I don’t know if I should be happy you’re still keeping track of me; looking out for me. It makes me happy you still think of me, but it makes me sad that we’re at this stage we can’t even talk plainly. We need to send smoke signals across the country. It’s for the better though, isn’t it? I’m sure that’s what you’d tell me. Hell, that’s what I told myself all these months. 


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