“You know you deserve better. You know you should stop. You know it all, but you know nothing at all. You waste your heart on knowing nothing. You waste yourself.”


I wish I knew not to make bonds with people. I say that because the closer you get to people (and the closer you let them get to you), the more power you give them to hurt you when they leave.

I used to give R. a hard time about his philosophy on that, because I wanted him to know that the only way to live is if you take a risk. But, I can’t blame him for never letting me in… look what happened to me. I let people in and when they leave they take everything with them. I need to learn to not get so close to people, not get so hurt when they leave. Because I can’t do this again. I can’t lose another friend. I can’t find another heart. I just can’t go through this again.


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