Girls and Boys

I read somewhere that the main difference between how girls and boys deal with breakups is as following: 

A girl will spend 2 weeks crying her eyes out and wondering if she made the right decision. Wondering if things couldn’t have been different, wondering if she did something wrong, wondering if she did something right. Wondering when it’ll be over. 

A boy will spend a good 2 days sad and wondering why it suddenly ended. Then he’ll spend the next 2 weeks trying to get under someone new. And as soon as he does, his mind is off that first girl. 

I’m not sure if I entirely buy this. I don’t know many guys that move on like that. But, let me clarify… Just because I personally don’t know many guys like this, doesn’t mean that these guys don’t exist – it’s just that I don’t know them. The thing is, I have a hard time believing that the feelings associated with a relationship are confined to one gender only. 

I know, as the popular song suggests, that when a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even. Well, yes, I think that’s true. Probably more times than not, it’s the girl’s heart that breaks the most. I don’t know why that is… Maybe it’s because of the general idea that females are more emotional (my opinion is just that females tend to be more comfortable in expressing/revealing their emotions). But, regardless… I think the boy still hurts. I think he still spends some time thinking about how it went wrong. Probably not as much as the girl has invested, but it’s enough to make you wonder just where it all went wrong. And if he doesn’t think like that, then really … good for the girl for escaping. 


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